About the Resource

The purpose of this website is to provide Nuclear Medicine students, technologists and allied health professionals a free and interactive medium for broadening their understanding of Nuclear Cardiology principles and practices. We explore the history of Nuclear Cardiology; the basics of structure, function, and physiology; cardiovascular disease and its development, consequences; diagnostic and prognostic tools; methods of management and treatment; nuclear imaging techniques; and a tutorial in tomographic nuclear imaging with examples of actual normal and abnormal exams. The Medications chapter is a little dated but I will leave it as is.

Nuclear Cardiology Seminars are divided into lessons. Seven lessons are divided into chapters, with self-test reviews at the conclusion. Since the medium we are using is interactive, links to websites containing more detailed information may be found throughout the presentation. We encourage the reader to follow these links to obtain multiple points of view, or to connect with information provided by vendors and manufacturers whenever necessary.

This project is the culmination of 37 years of compilation. When I was asked to teach didactic Nuclear Cardiology to the students of Rhode Island Hospital’s School of Nuclear Medicine, I had two textbooks from the mid-70’s and a dogeared registry review guide. After completing instruction with seven classes of students, the amount of material had grown to the point where digital media afforded the most sensible method of presentation. I took the initiative to publish the work online at virtually the same time I was relieved of my teaching position. I felt that a void needed filling for technologists and students who needed a refresher course on cardiac imaging principles.

This site is in a state of ongoing development. If you have used this website and find it helpful, feel free to share with your colleagues, students and friends. The favor of feedback is requested: please email your comments from my contact form. Please note that this is purely an education-oriented resource, and information from many sources have been combined. Artwork for this website has been borrowed from many sources, credited wherever possible.


 A Health-Oriented Perspective

I would like to interject my personal opinions here. I have had a lifelong commitment to health. Although I have been a health care professional most of my adult life, I am not beholden to the industry.  I believe as individuals we are all responsible for maintaining our own good health.  In the wake of the Un-Affordable Care Act, families and health care providers will be harshly tested. Wake up America and pay attention to what you are putting into your bodies. Are you filling your stomach or fueling the miraculous living machine in which you reside?  Diagnostic imaging is an important tool modern health care practitioners use to evaluate the presence or progression of disease. It is a  sad fact that for many, chronic disease is self-inflicted. Centuries of conditioning gives the populace the message that it is the responsibility of someone or something outside oneself to make one healthy. Do not hand your power over to the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, or the AMA in the expectation of health, restored  health, or maintained health.  That said, my profession does good things for millions of people and  I hope you or someone you care about benefits from my work.


About the Editor


I have recently retired from Nuclear Medicine Technology. I am a Class of 1980 graduate of Yale-New Haven Hospital’s School of Diagnostic Radiology with an Associates Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. For 20 years I was the Saturday lead Nuclear Cardiovascular Technologist at Rhode Island Hospital. I worked part-time for Yale New Haven Health at Cardiology Associates in Norwich CT, a position held from June 2008 to May 2017. I was the cardiac nuclear medicine didactic instructor for 7 consecutive classes of Nuclear Medicine Technology students at RIH  (2000 – 2006). I am sole proprietor of Nott Marketing Services, a website design and maintenance company out of Northeastern Connecticut.

– Lorraine T. Nott
Dayville, Connecticut